Francisco PerfecttiFrancisco Perfectti at work

Associate Professor at the Department of Genetics
University of Granada

Departamento de Genética
Facultad de Ciencias
Campus Fuentenueva
Universidad de Granada
18071 Granada, Spain

+34 958243262

I am a geneticist and evolutionary biologist formed at the Universities
of Granada (Spain) and Rochester (USA).

My current scientific interest is the co evolutionary process, both at genomic and ecological/population levels. At genomic level, we use as work system the fascinating B-chromosomes of the grasshopper Eyprepocnemis plorans. These are chromosomes that behave as parasites reducing the fitness of the host individuals that carrying them.

As a member of the EVOFLOR group, I study the difuse co-evolution among flowers and their pollinators, merging molecular genetics and in-silico modeling approaches.

J.D. Fernández Julio 2008